Essential information for your booking

About your booking


Victorian legislation prevents me from providing specific information about my services. If you send me a message I can provide you with more information.


Preparing for your booking


If you have a specific request for the booking, eg an outfit request, it is a good idea to let me know as early as you can. The earlier that you let me know, the more likely it is that I'll have time to organise what I need to fulfil your request


I provide all safer sex supplies such as condoms, lubricant, etc.

All that you need to provide is a clean space with a bed, and a bathroom and a towel for me to use at the end of the booking.

The Premises

It is important to ensure that there are no other people on the premises (ie at your residence or in your hotel room) during the booking. If there are other people present when I arrive, I may deem it unsafe to continue with the booking and you may incur a cancellation fee.


I will sometimes require you to pay a deposit to secure your booking.

Deposit amounts will usually be no more than 20% of the total cost of your booking, however there may be unique circumstances where I will require a larger deposit to cover costs incurred by me.

Deposits are fully refundable in most circumstances where I cancel the booking. If, however, the cancellation occurs because I deem it unsafe to continue with the booking, eg for sexual health reasons, or if there are other people on the premises, etc, then I will keep part or all of your deposit as a cancellation fee.

If you cancel the booking with at least 48 hours notice, your deposit will be refundable, less any non-recoverable costs incurred by me. If you cancel the booking with less than 48 hours notice then I will keep part or all of your deposit as a cancellation fee.

If I do need to refund your deposit for any of the above reasons, it will only be possible to do this via Beem It. The main reason for this is to protect my privacy.

If you are making a booking for one of my tours, please see my tours page for additional tour deposit terms.