Do you offer extra services and how much do they cost?

I do offer some 'extras'. Unfortunately Victorian state legislation prevents me from writing about them here.

Please send me a message to find out more.

What areas of Melbourne do you travel to?

I am based near Chadstone and travel to a wide range of suburbs, including the CBD. It's always worth sending me a message to see whether I can come to you.

I am also able to add travel fees to the cost of your booking to allow me to travel further than I would otherwise be able to. I try to keep these fees as low as I can.

What food and drink do you like?

Clients sometimes ask me whether they should purchase any specific food or drink. It is not necessary for you to provide anything, but if you do decide that you would like to, I appreciate it being in sealed packaging.

My favourite type of wine is sparkling, although I probably won't have more than a small glass.

Do you offer any natural services?

I use condoms in all my services. I am not comfortable with the health or legal risks that unprotected services attract.